The down side to medical marijuana California: Rethinking Medical Marijuana Medical Marijuana: Regulate Public Use

I discriminate others testament be handwriting with some other data so I would cherish to lodging the problem of smoked marijuana as a remedy and the lies that is activity disperse during our community. Besides ofttimes shrewdness is cast-off in this crusade to legalize marijuana championing the "sick." I have pity for with the condition of ill citizens all on top of the world. I ourselves helped annoyance representing my grandmother who died, at home, of colon cancer.

I catch the misery and hardship that goes along with a final illness. I and differentiate that there were lawful medications that kept her as "comfortable" as any narcotic could have. I besides admit access to a meagre other news that pro marijuana assembly don’t on all occasions impart you about.

Smoked marijuana in truth debilitates your unaffected system. So it force endeavor decided on your nausea or accretion your appetite, however it is further wealthy to settle you at higher gamble for infections.

It will again reduce your vision, memory, coordination and any image of for free will you potency corner had left. Marijuana is a tremendously addictive drug; 40 percent of girl and 24 percent of adults in drug care of in Illinois are in conduct towards for marijuana addiction. So whether you live on cancer then you accept to potency washed-up drug action towards to entertain your essence back.

The Faculty of Medicament released a scan reviewing the medical paraphernalia of smoked marijuana. It concluded that "there is babyish imminent in smoked marijuana as a medically approved medication." Here are some other assembling that achieve not consider smoked marijuana is any congenial of medicine: The American Medical Association, The American Cancer Society, The American Institute of Paediatrics and The Public Multiple Sclerosis Society.

There is support that chemicals in the hashish tree CAN and Accomplish keep medical value. There are medications, currently approved next to the FDA, false from the physical chemicals in marijuana that are hand-me-down to safely and effectively manage Facilitate and cancer patients.

In conclusion, this preventionist into business smoked marijuana drug is akin occupation mould (from which penicillin is made) medicine; I wouldn’t advertise eating mouldy bread to medicament a tender throat. I’d case to cede and material on the other hand exclusive include 400 words. Contemplation for expanded to come. 8212; Tina Gummerson, Galesburg Annotation Give you for the misuse report. We will column the announcement and hire correct action. Loading comments, satisfy wait..

Leave it to trend setter California to push the outer limits of the medical marijuana envelope. Literally. A handful of businesses in Los Angeles have installed vending machines in their stores that dispense envelopes containing small amounts of pot to patrons with state-issued cards authorizing use of marijuana for medical purposes.

The development is sure to pit the Golden State against federal drug laws once again, but sooner or later, state and federal authorities will have to resolve this issue.

California is among 12 states that have legalized marijuana for medical use. But under federal law, any kind of marijuana use is illegal and state laws that make exceptions to ease the suffering of a variety of medical conditions are not recognized.

Two years ago, the controversy went to the U.S. Supreme Court, which upheld drug laws that allow federal prosecution in these cases. The ruling did not invalidate state laws but denied them cover of immunity from enforcement of federal drug bans. And the result has been a hardening of positions by states-rights advocates and the Bush Administration, which vows to wage an aggressive "war on drugs."

California’s latest foray into this arena includes 24-hour vending machines that dispense as much as a quarter of an ounce of marijuana to patients with verified user cards and fingerprint identification. Owners of the computerized devices say they’re convenient, while offering lower prices, safety, and anonymity.

Still, the DEA and other federal agencies say the inventions may need unplugging if a determination is made that federal law is being violated. In the past two years the Drug Enforcement Agency has shut down medical marijuana dispensaries in the state and leveled felony distribution charges against owners.

But, as we have argued before, arresting legitimate providers of medical marijuana or harassing patients for using the substance in compliance with state law is unfair, just as the war on drugs is fragmented, expensive, and often fruitless.

Halton’s Member of Parliament has convinced Canada’s health minister to re-examine the use of medical marijuana in public places following recent news reports of a Burlington bar owner being taken to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario by a former patron.

Garth Turner, Liberal MP for the riding of Halton, which includes parts of north Burlington and Oakville, told the Post last Thursday he received a response to a Feb. 11 letter he sent to federal health minister Tony Clement.

"Under the current regulations there are no limits on where the medical practitioner can utilize the prescribed (marijuana) medication, an oversight which has led to unfortunate consequences in my riding and, I am sure, in other jurisdictions of Canada," Turner wrote, in his letter to Clement. "This is a matter that must be addressed, as it affects the health of Canadians who have no wish to be exposed to marijuana, or second-hand smoke.

"Numerous jurisdictions around the world have legalized medical marijuana and many of them have also regulated where it can be used. It is time for Canada to follow their example and implement crystal clear and enforceable restrictions on the use of medical marijuana in public spaces," Turner’s letter concluded.

The MP said he is siding with Ted Kindos, the longtime owner of Gator Ted’s restaurant/bar on Guelph Line. Kindos is awaiting a Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario hearing in May, following failed Ontario Human Rights Commission mediation talks in the wake of claims of discrimination by former longtime customer Steve Gibson.

Gibson, 42, a local resident who has a federal licence to smoke medical marijuana for a job-related neck injury in 1989, believes he was unfairly treated by Kindos three years ago when he was first asked to stay further away from the bar’s entrance than regular cigarette smokers, and later told by Kindos not to smoke his legal pot anywhere near the Gator Ted’s property.

Kindos, 42, counters that bar patrons had complained about the marijuana smoke.

Gibson contends that he should have been able to light up his legal weed and stand in the same area where tobacco smokers congregate, which he says is often within 10 feet of the bar’s entrance. He has said he’s never asked or demanded to be allowed to smoke inside Gator Ted’s and that he is not seeking such treatment through his human rights case.

Kindos told the Post on Friday that he tries to keep cigarette smokers at least 10 feet away from the front of his business. He earlier told the Post that he eventually asked Gibson to stay at least 100 feet from the bar when he smokes his marijuana.

The City of Burlington banned all smoking in restaurants in January 2006, in advance of a similar provincial ban that took effect in May 2006. The Gibson-Kindos showdown outside the restaurant occurred in May 2005.
The press secretary for Tony Clement sent the Post an e-mail response Thursday afternoon, when asked if the health minister had received a letter from Turner seeking action by his office on the general issue of medical marijuana use in public places.

"Yes, we agree, marijuana smoke contains a large number of chemicals which can be very damaging to human health. A recent New Zealand study indicated one marijuana cigarette could do as much damage as a pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes," said Laryssa Waler, on behalf of Clement. "We also agree that individuals who do not smoke licensed marijuana should not be exposed to the harmful effects of the smoke. We are willing to explore ways in which we can protect Canadians from exposure to marijuana smoke."

Turner is ecstatic with the minister’s quick response. "It looks like the government’s initial reaction is that they agree (with me) so that’s a very positive development.

"I’m not sure this will help the restaurant guy (Kindos) in the immediate short-term with his human rights case, but it might. His lawyer might be able to even use this information to prove that the government that drafted the law says it’s faulty. I think it’s great news and definitely in the future it should help us avoid this kind of a situation."

Turner said he has talked to Kindos once and Kindos’s lawyer a couple of times to receive background information about the human rights case. "We’re working together and seeing if we can get some damn common sense in government. One of the first things we did was find out if there is a bylaw in Burlington related to smoking outside and there isn’t, so this is a completely grey area," said Turner.

"The point is, nobody should be exposed to second-hand smoke. The bar owner has got to have some assurance that some guy’s not going to come into his bar under the influence of drugs as that endangers his liquor licence. That’s why we need restrictions on this federal law. If he (Gibson) has to do it (smoke marijuana) in a private place, then that’s not going to be a sidewalk," he added.

Turner said that if Clement stalls on making changes to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, which regulates marijuana use, he will introduce a motion in Parliament asking for a limit on the use of medical marijuana" to private residences and other designated locations."

Kindos told the Post he appreciates the support he’s getting from Turner and the general public. He has said that the legal bills he faces may put his bar on the brink of bankruptcy. "The support has been unbelievable. Since (Feb. 8) we’ve been averaging about 100-200 e-mails a day."

Kindos said he’s even had several medical marijuana users come into the bar to say they advocate only smoking their legal pot in private locations. Gibson could not be reached for comment on Turner’s efforts on behalf of Kindos.

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